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#11 Keyver Graterol

“When I was fourteen or fifteen years old, I didn’t want to study. I’d go with bicycle as a bum begging for money, I was dirty…”


María Milián

La Pastora, Caracas

My name is Keyver Graterol and I live in La Pastora. Twenty-three years i’ve lived here. My story starts with my bicycle, going up and down, wriggling around the buses. That’s how I rode for a while until I bought my own motorbike working in plumbing for over a year or so. One day my son got sick. My kid Keyverson is my life. One of those days when a lot of things happen to you, I went out on my motorbike to look for some tests results in the Children’s’ Hospital. Keyverson was very sick, he was hospitalized for twenty-one days, when I got out of the hospital, my bike was gone. It was stolen.

With my motorbike I come and go, going up, going down, bringing the bread home. I’ve recovered three times from my bikes robbery. And I can recover a thousand more needed be. I can’t even think about robbing, I don’t want my son to learn that. I’m totally fine, my brain works well, so I can work and buy a bike as many times as necessary to help my family, bring the bread home and help anyone I can.

My uncle was a man of many vices, he was riding missteps. He went to prison eight times. What easy comes, easy goes. Dirty money, fast it goes.

When I was fourteen or fifteen years old, I didn’t want to study. I’d go with my bicycle as a bum begging for money, I was dirty… My mom would prick my tires with a knife so that I wouldn’t leave. One day my uncle called me to visit him in jail. I went with grandpa. I realized that place was the worst of the world. The guard tells you to take your clothes off, your pants: ‘Bend down!’ they told me, you feel humiliated. It drives you mad, and you feel as if your heart is about to jump out by the fright. I went up some iron stairs and when I arrived where my uncle was, I saw him shaving his head with a pencil crossed by a blade. I ran away and started crying. I just can’t think of robbing, for myself, for Keyverson.

A friend of mine came up with a project to work with kids and I thought it was perfect. There are many kids over here whose relatives can’t afford to take them out. Every time they’re playing in the area I come with my motorbike and start playing with all of them. I put some music on so they listen to it while they play with black tape balls. When I make tape balls with my son he asks me: ‘Dad, what do you do that for?’ I tell him that it is to encourage children to play. He understands and helps me, my son is such a clever boy that if you put him in front of a computer, he knows how to turn it on and how to turn it off. He knows where to look for the game and what he has to do. He’s a boy that knows how to write. He always wants to be with me. He’s got me crazy because he’s got the kite fever.

Now I’m a DJ, I started with nail and wood, I had a pair of American earphones that someone gave me. Everything in life ain’t just material. You can recover the material, there’s more valuable things, and to me my son is everything.