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#15  Doris Barreto

“If a boy kills another is because something wrong is happening to him. Then, will getting him to jail solve it?”


María Milián

La Pastora, Caracas

In 2010 my son’s death case was reopened. I had to show up at the district attorney’s office and listen once again -in more detail now- the file on his death. I found out about things I didn’t even know. I teetered while I listened, I felt like I was reliving his death again, as if it was the first day. Why do I have to go through this pain again? -I demanded God.

On December 3rd, 1999, my son was killed. And the 15th of the same month I lost my house at the Vargas tragedy. The water stream took more than half of Catuche. I criticized all the people weeping around me feeling sorry that they’d lost their homes. To me the pain I felt because of my son’s passing was greater. At that time I used to see it that way. I wish no mother had to live the suffering of losing a son, it’s too hard, you can’t even get over it. You learn to live with such pain, but you never get over it. Frankly, I don’t even know how I ended up helping the Christian Society.

I’ve always liked kidding around with the women in the Christian Society, I used to go to the parish just for that, I’d leave as soon as the Father started his activity. But, one day Father José began reading the ‘prodigal son’ in a gathering, it’s a chapter of the Bible. That day something happened to me. I can’t explain it -that reading reached my soul. From that moment on my commitment with the Christian community started.

I’m proud of having lived in Catuche, in Guanábano; it’s been my ‘life university’. This place has something very particular and it’s that wherever you arrive the first thing you’re offered is a cup of coffee, or used to because there isn’t any anymore. I learned to drink coffee, before I didn’t like it, in the Christian Society I was always offered some and I’d say no. I had to learn to drink it. Father Joseíto told me I had to learn to receive. He’s my master.

The pain will be gone the day I die. I often think about the suffering of the mother of the boy who killed my son, I think her pain is worse than mine, that’s why I believe in the possibility that there are other solutions better than jail. One of the things I learned in life, I don’t know, or rather I was taught at home, is that we’re all equal. If a boy kills another is because something wrong is happening to him. Then, will getting him to jail solve it?

We can’t sit around waiting while our boys are killing one another.