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#230 Alliskair Hernández

“I’ve always said that the day I have to pick, it’ll be soccer”

Chepina Hernandez / Julio Suárez

Saymary Silva

Odri Albornoz

Petare, Caracas

I used to watch soccer on TV with my family, more boys’ soccer than girls’ because there ain’t much female soccer on TV. One day I saw my cousin playing with her friend on the field, I asked her if I could join and they said no, they said I had to register first and train and then I could play. I trained, and I liked it.

I didn’t have soccer shoes, didn’t even know what they were. In the first match I had to make a free kick and, even though I was afraid, that was my first goal. What a goal! Everybody shouted my name, it felt really good. They hugged me and even raised me in their arms. I’ve played many times, I’ve been to finals, I’ve scored and I’ve been called a winner.

On the field, I met my best friends, it’s where I started playing, that’s why it’s my favorite place. Since my dad left, I would stay home or go playing with my friends on the field. Daddy’s in jail. They say he did something… those with him left him on his own. Police showed up, dad was covered in blood and they took him away.

He’s been there for six months and I haven’t seen him since. I talk to him on the phone. He supports me in soccer and I miss him. I used to live with him and mum. I shared with them, we played together, we used to go for walks with my sister… I remember we used to go to the beach, the whole family, ride boats, everybody would jump in the water, jump over each other and play wars. It’s weird without daddy around. I don’t do the things I used to.

Now I take my sister everywhere. I admire her, she’s very smart and nice. We’re very close and we share everything, she’ll always be my little sister and I’ll always love her.

He’s not my real dad, but when I was born he raised me as if he were. My real dad passes by without even looking. I don’t greet him either or ask him to bless me. I have a memory of him in a small house with a room and a bathroom, but I didn’t like it.

I tell my grandpa everything, he asks me how I’m doing in school, in soccer and dancing. He supports me. When I’m grounded, he tells my grandma and my mum to let me go, that soccer’s good for me.

I told my mum that when I get my own room, I’m gonna hang a poster I made myself saying “Female Soccer” with pictures of girl soccer players and hearts. She tells me pretty things, that I’m a great player and I’ll have a great future. I’ve won medals and some awards and I have these soccer shirts with autographs from La Vinotinto girls that came to play with us once .

Deyna Castellanos is my inspiration in soccer. She helps those who need food or shoes, I admire her for being such a good player and a good person. I’ve always wanted to be a captain, like her.

I also dance and go to competitions. We dance to hip-hop and other genres. Sometimes I have a performance and a match and I don’t know which one to attend, it’s hard, I like them both. But I give more to soccer because I’m really passionate about it. I’ve always said that the day I have to pick one, it’ll be soccer.

I dream of being a professional and having a team, a uniform, represent Venezuela and other countries too. I’d like to major in odontology to help the children with broken teeth, I’d tell my patients every time they go to my office to support female soccer.

I was chosen president of the class in school, I’m the leader, my classmates respect me, and I respect them. Girl soccer players behave, they’re decent, I’ve never heard a sports girl swearing, least of all on the field. You must support each other in soccer. We help each other, if you don’t have soccer shoes, somebody will lend you his, so you can play.

Soccer is everything to me. I feel good being myself.