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#235 Julio Fonseca

“When I have the ball I try to give my best”

Chepina Hernandez / Astrid Hernández

Stivalis Monsalve

Petare, Caracas

I’m passionate about running. I’m always ready, I play the left winger position and I have to center the ball from the sides. I’m never calm or looking at the sides, because that’s when the other team scores.

Everyday I wake up at six in the morning to go to school; when I leave the classroom, I come back home, eat and go downstairs again for workout. When that’s done, I come back home again, take another bath, I do my homework and go to sleep!

I’m fast and intelligent. Many people have the former trait, sometimes missing the latter. I developed my intelligence from playing so much chess, and got soccer from my dad. He used to play and I always watched. First I tried boxing, then swimming, but my passion is running and I found it in soccer, so I asked my dad to get me in a team.

Chess and soccer are very strategically alike. If I move badly in the field, I can lose and if I move a piece badly, they can put me in checkmate!

Now that I’m in a national team with a lot of good players from everywhere in Caracas, I fight. I’m so excited because it’s hard to reach this position, and sometimes I’m scared when playing with guys from higher categories.

One time, I had total control of the ball and a kid came from behind, kicked my leg really, really hard! I went down shouting and got out of the game. They treated me quick and I think a minute later I was back in the game, a quarterfinal. If we lost, we were out. I only thought of that. It was my motivation to come into the field again.

When the coach sees me unsure of kicking on the ball, or nervous about other players, he tells me “Attitude, attitude!” He won’t let us go around all lazy or insecure. He’s like a father for every one of us, like those that, if you have nothing, he provides for you. He coaches us on soccer, on not saying bad words or mistreat other players.

Sometimes we fight over game’s things, but we’re instantly together again. We’re like a family because we know each other, we know our weakness and strengths.

You gotta have respect and camaraderie, that’s paramount for me. We must have a good behavior and good values. If you mistreat everyone, for example, no one is going to like you. The same happens if you’re in bad steps.

Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite player because he’s as fast as me. I’d like to ask him for advice on how to be like him. The other thing to have is intelligence. My dad tells me to be patient, because sometimes you play, play and play, and see no results. He says that if I want to be like other players, don’t say “I want to be like him,” say “I want to be better than him!”

Before I get in the field, I’m always a little nervous, but when I start I get excited. When I have the ball I try to give my best. Every time I make a goal, I get excited first, then I think fast of what I can do to improve. If I had a mistake, I look for how can I fix it, and reach a “white victory,” because when you win, it’s all peaceful, relaxed and light.