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#237 Josemith Chacón

“I’m so glad to see how they support me. To see how the people I love shouts for what I do”

Chepina Hernandez / Beatriz F González

Saymary Silva

Petare, Caracas

In soccer, I’ve learned not to give up. If you have the ball and they take it from you, I say you go and get it, because you’ll get it back.

I have something to say to those parents who won’t let their daughters play, or those folks who think this is not a girls’ sport. I say this is very pretty and motivating, go to their matches, see them playing, and when you see all they’re capable of, you’ll feel so proud!  You don’t have to be afraid if they get hit or something, I’m a girl, I’m strong and I play soccer.

My nickname in the team is “la chiquitica.” The others are tall and I’m very short. But I’m not afraid. I started playing as a defender here in San Isidro when I was eight, I remember clearly, and now I’m eleven and a forward in the Metropolitan Sub-16.

Coach Mario asked my mum to let me play, but my mum was scared that I’d be kicked in the field. One day I misbehaved and she said “you’re grounded and I’ll get you into soccer.” When she did, it was like discovering my own sport.

The first match, which was in Mesuca, was so cool and weird at once. I was the only girl, I had never played and I was so thrilled; I’ll never get over it. I don’t remember who we were playing against, but we won. Mario saw my potential and got me into the first period, I kicked and kicked the ball, and for kicking like that, they scored. I loved it because I felt like I was the one who made them score. It was too much!

I used to stay home, before becoming a soccer player, playing with dolls, watching movies and cartoons, like Dora the Explorer or the Little Mermaid. I liked it so much that my dad bought me a mini TV set because he was tired of watching my stuff too. He’d give us candy and take care of us, while mum worked all day long.

Then, there was a time mum and dad had many issues, they got divorced, and we lived in different homes. We didn’t have food to eat, so we starved a lot.

One day my grandma found my mum a job caring for dogs; there we were given a home. Two years passed and my parents split the custody, but I felt bad because I wanted my dad to always be with us. It wasn’t possible. Then something happened, my dad died, it was the saddest thing ever.

Mum managed to get our house back. In that time I didn’t want to go out, didn’t have friends. My dad’s death hit me real bad, that’s another reason why my mum got me into soccer, so that I could find friends as I was always locked up at home.

Thanks to soccer, I’ve met all my friends, otherwise I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to now, because my sister Yurianny is older, and my other brothers, Joseph and Ángel, are smaller. My mum works very hard and while she’s not home we can’t go out, only to play soccer or to school. But my friends come over and say hi, we chat a bit.

Apart from my four blood brothers, I have other seven on my dad’s side. But my friends are also like my family, so I have many more brothers and cousins. They’re everything to me. They congratulate me and give me things for my birthday, and I do the same for theirs. I’m honest with everybody; I think that’s the most beautiful gift I give them.

Besides being a soccer player I’d, like to be a chef. I love cooking, cooking and cooking. When there’s food to cook, I make it. I’ve cooked for my mum since I was nine. As I study in the afternoons, I have to make breakfast for my little brothers in the mornings, and lunch too; sometimes mum leaves lunch ready and I just heat it. I learned by watching my mum, until one day she was “start cooking, you must have learned by now!” Sometimes I wouldn’t use enough salt or used too much, but I improved and from then on I’m the one cooking. My favorite food is pasta gocha, that’s what we call it at home. It’s pasta with herbs and cheese. In December I invited my best friend to eat, we made the Christmas dinner and he ate here with us.

I’m so glad to see how they support me. To see how the people I love shouts for what I do. When I score, their support makes me score more, makes me feel I can do better. I do everything for that moment.

I’d like to be one of the players in La Vinotinto. That’s my dream. If I ever become one of them, it’ll be a very honorable moment because I’ve never had something that big. My idea is that, when I become a pro, I’ll fix this house for my mum or give her a house wherever she wants. She deserves it. I admire her and I’ll always do because she fights for us.