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#252 Scarleth Calles

“We must always do the things that come from our heart”

Pedro Tovar

Stivalis Monsalve

Javier Liendo / Gabriela Mesones

Los Palos Grandes, Caracas

Technovation Series

I believe that small actions make big changes, especially if they come from us. Sometimes people do things expecting to get money or a favor in exchange, but that’s not the way it should be. We must always do the things that come from our heart.

My grandmother taught us to do good for everyone and not just for ourselves or our family. She used to give food to those who didn’t have any, and if someone had no clothes, she told us: “Let’s give them something.” If we disrespected someone, she said: “Hey! That’s not how things work.” She showed us that this was a priority in a person. Isidra is my inspiration for everything! She gave what she had without expecting something in return and that made her happy, she didn’t mind. If she’d known our application, she’d be proud of Fors, because we don’t seek to get something back.

We want to show everyone that we can give something, such as a feeling or a good gesture, one hundred percent willingly. Nothing forces users to do that favor.

The app’s main menu contains the words: Give and Request. Those who press Request can ask for help to solve any problem they encounter regarding transport, food and home. And with the Give option, people can accept some of the requests and do a favor. When that service ends, users rate each other with a kind of value or anti-value from a list.

For instance: there’s a child in the community who needs an English class for next week because he has a test and he didn’t pay much attention in class, so his mom issues a request asking if someone can give her child a class for a certain time and date, and any of the community’s members may accept it and provide the service; that way they get a little closer. In our community, we often only know our next door neighbors, but nobody else.

Although I arrived to Technovation thinking that it was a computer course, I discovered that the classes were more than I expected. I was astonished! I never thought that technology was for me, but the way I acquitted myself while doing Fors made me feel certain about the work.

I’m not going to lie: it wasn’t easy at all. A week before delivering the project, we lost the entire app data. Everyone’s spirits sank. We cried, it was very hard. We said: “How can we accomplish in a week what we developed in over three months!”. Some of us had to prepare exhibits, present the thesis and a million other things, but I didn’t give in.

I had to push the university aside a bit, leave early and barely study when I had a test. Many withdrew and I was the only one left. When they told me the results… Oh God!… The tears! I realized it was time to collect the fruits of everything we’d sown.

Even on the day of the presentation, a person approached us and told us that he was very interested in our work because he would be able to get the data and the interaction of each member of the community, the personality, the ways of communication and even how to connect with them. I plan to keep developing the app and join technology and medicine, because I see that it can be done.

Right now I study Nursing, but my dream goal is to graduate as a doctor. When they asked me as a child: “What do you want to study?”, I told them: I want to be a doctor, “What are you going to ask from Baby Jesus?”, “A doctor’s kit”. I think I was always like that because I saw many members of my family get sick. My dad died of leukemia and my grandmother of cancer.

I dreamt that if I was a doctor I’d save my dad or my grandma. Although truth be told, I dream of many things to help people and to make this world a different place. I learned that growing in a community where there’s interaction between people, unity, respect and good values, is always much better for life.


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