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#254 Marjosebith Guerra

“We have to empower ourselves: take the problem and make it ours to solve”

Pedro Tovar

Stivalis Monsalve

Javier Liendo / Gabriela Mesones

Technovation Series

Los Palos Grandes, Caracas

Venezuela is perfect for me. I dream of its greatness, I dream of it being filled with leaders and with many people who put their heart in everything they do. I always say: if things aren’t done for love, why do we do them?

When I do things with inspiration, passion and drive, the result is more beautiful. I believe everything ends up great that way. We have to think in the consequences of everything for a bit. If I see a small piece of paper and I say that’s hurting the environment, I have to pick it up because I’m a part of that and because leaving it there will have some sort of consequence. If I have a cup and I don’t put it in its place, it might fall and, what will happen next? Thinking about this is what inspires me to do everything with love.

I’m part of an organization at school called Cudere. There, as soon as you step through the door, you feel in another world. People are different. They’re loaded with lots of affection and each of them has a skill in something that allows us to complement each other and create that pyramid necessary for organization. One of us can write, another can paint really well and another is an excellent soccer player. That’s the company I want: a place where everyone is family and friends, where we work hard but also have fun.

Laughter is my medicine and my cure. In Technovation, it was all the laughter that made us feel that it wasn’t about suffering but about fun and triumph. While we created the business plan or were programming, someone would tell a joke and another would say: “Ah! I wrote cow with a k” and everyone would laugh. We were the pranksters of the course!

The only obstacle we found was time. We’re all at school and this was an extra activity that we had to handle properly so that we didn’t leave our studies behind, but we managed it thanks to laughter.

Now we can say that we already have our company and we’re the directors. They gave us the chance to register the brand, we’ve been interviewed on TV and we’ve even received calls from schools with a high leadership potential. We already have our IDs and our uniforms: white trousers and orange shirts.

We called our company Damarva, using our initials: Daviana, Marjosebith and Valeska. We already started working on our app LeadersUp that works as the bridge to develop young people’s potential. We work based on the concept that we’re all leaders. We set daily and monthly challenges as an interesting way to teach. You start with the first challenge and get excited to do another, and another and another. I don’t know but, it has something that inspires us!

With this app we don’t want to create bosses but leaders. We set them apart because the boss is always dictating and telling you what to do, but a good leader helps, he offers a friendly hand and does everything alongside with you.

Some nights I sit down and dream. I always do that in times of dreams, sowing and fruits. I’m one of those who believe that we first have to dream in order to sow and get the fruits afterwards. And I think that the time is here. We were children, now we’re teenagers and we’re already on our way towards adulthood. We have to empower ourselves: take the problem and make it ours to solve.

With artistic gymnastics I learned to step firmly. I spent a year between surgery rooms because I got a splinter buried deep in my foot, then I got a hernia and then I got a sprained foot playing soccer. I also twisted and broke a finger and they even had to use nails. It was a very difficult moment, but I learned to value people’s life and health.

I feel that when I step into the carpet, it’s a new day to train and a new opportunity to correct my mistakes. I always seek to appropriate what I do and do it with love. If I’m good at dancing I have to empower myself with that music and show the world that I’m there, that I can do it and that I have the capacity to be better.


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