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#255 Andrea Silva

“Those who stayed here can’t stop having faith, because in Venezuela, everything is worth it!”

Pedro Tovar

Stivalis Monsalve

Javier Liendo / Gabriela Mesones

Technovation Series

Los Palos Grandes, Caracas

I’m interested in solving the community’s problems while starting a project with the people. Having an idea, developing it and working hard until I feel that I took it to the top. A synonym for starting a project is developing.

If people see that you’re someone who works and works until you’ve done what you want, they’ll want to imitate and you and thus our Venezuela might evolve much more. I’d like to leave an inspiration in the world for all of those people who stay in their homes and believe that they have nothing to do. I want them to see me and say: “Wow! Andrea used to stay in her home, but look at what she came up with. I want to do the same.”

Unity also means a lot to me, because if you don’t have a good support you’re going to struggle more to accomplish anything. Thanks to the family, to friends or to that special someone, a person can overcome themselves.

I always thank God for everything. I’ve lived experiences that other people my age haven’t been able to. I have a loving family and the support of my parents. They tell me all the time: “You can do whatever you want,” “You can be a great person.”

My dad works since he was about nine years old because he didn’t have his father’s support, but he supports me in everything. He’s a mototaxi driver and he offers to take me everywhere. Even if he has lots of appointments, he cancels anything if I ask him for a favor. He’s a special person to me, as much as my grandma and my aunt.

Mommy had me at 17 and my aunt helped her take care of me. She sometimes got back at home at 9 p.m. from the university, with a big fatigue and loaded with tasks, but she still carried me and sang me my song for about two hours until I fell asleep. She’s a strong woman and I’d like to be like her. Mom is also my inspiration, even though she’s made her mistakes, she’s got lots of potential. She recently had to leave the country with my little brother and I understand her. She told me that it was for my future, that she’d never leave me and I told her that it’s fine. Truth be told, she’s an excellent mom. Right now I’m with my grandma who’s given me all her support since I was small. She’s a very cheerful and hardworking woman, if I had to talk about an incredible person, it’d be her.

Thank God, nobody’s ill in my family, but in Technovation I met a girl whose grandma had Alzheimer and whose dad was sad because his mom was forgetting him. Imagining, God forbid, that such a special person could forget me, along with all the beautiful memories we’ve shared, must be so ugly.

Recently I’ve also seen lots of signs in the streets asking for the whereabouts of elderly people who went missing because they have Alzheimer. My friend was powerless to do something more for her dad who was getting depressed due to his mom’s illness, who sadly died.

We got together for Technovation’s brainstorming. When we decided to start this project we did lots of interviews and attended support groups to know more about the topic. We learned that someone with Alzheimer can’t use apps and they don’t know how to use a phone either. Their illness for them is like watching a sad film that makes you cry, but that you forget about five minutes later. Instead, we realized that it’s their caretakers who truly suffer because they directly get all the tension, all the stress and all the consequences that brings. That’s why we wanted to help the relatives of the patients.

Care U is different to any other app. It has an information section that offers tips about Alzheimer and asks the users every day: “How do you feel today?”, that way we can give them recommendations based on the statistics provided by the program.

I wanted to be a civil engineer, or an architect like my aunt, but thanks to everything I had to face with this experience, I think I’ll choose programming, because we can do anything!

I trust that all young people in Venezuela have a huge potential to reach the skies. Those who stayed here can’t stop having faith, because in Venezuela, everything is worth it!


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