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We came and settled in. Amidst everyone.
Where we all greet and look alike.
Whoever walks by we offer a guayoyo, a beer or even the bottle of wine.
We sit and chat, without judging.
Because we are sensitive and free.
We like black and white, but above all their hues.
And of course, each of the colours.

We like to listen, watch and uncover the essential.
That essence which isn’t in the before or after, but in the transformation.
We don’t rummage into pain. With pity we only feed egos.
With art we feed the soul.
We acknowledge the scar and continue kicking the streets.
Ideas turn crisis into fertile grounds.
And there, we won’t plant flowers, we will plant trees.

We believe in empathy and in the fruits that raise from it.
Always taking steps forward. Also in someone else’s shoes.
The challenge: find the similarities amongst the differences.
Turning the foreign into a kind mirror of oneself.
We bond like humble atoms that build giants.
We don’t follow stereotypes or fashion trends.
We celebrate life. And give it a thousand opportunities.
We tell stories that make history.

That make culture.



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